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My Experience With Lash Dolls MKE

When first walking into Lash Dolls MKE, my initial thought was, “Wow, their studio is so beautiful!” You are welcomed by a giant lit up sign that says, “Lash Dolls MKE” and such an aesthetically pleasing waiting room! The walls are painted with an adorable blush pink color. Some walls even have inspiring quotes on them while others accent the entire room with cute lash designs! Something else that really stood out to me was the furniture in the waiting room. Everything looked very comfortable and cozy, I did not know where to sit! It was almost like everything was meant to be and each individual piece had its own little home. Seeing this was important because it showed me that Lash Dolls MKE cares about the comfortability of their clients and wants them to be able to relax.

I then had the opportunity to meet one of the owners, Noel! Noel was so awesome to work with. It is an understatement to say he has a passion for lashes. The work that he has done is incredible! Having the chance to talk with Noel and hearing more about the company from him personally, showed me how hard he works. His education in regards to running a business and having such an incredible amount of knowledge in lashes was amazing. Knowing how informed Noel was with lashes confirmed that I was in good hands. Getting lashed can be a very scary experience especially if you are at a company that does not know what they are doing. Thankfully, I did not have to worry about this with Lash Dolls MKE!

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet Noel’s business partner, (and wife!) Rebecca. Even though I was not able to meet her in person, I was able to communicate with her over social media! (Make sure to check out their Instagram @LashDollsMKE!) I enjoyed communicating with her via social media because she was quick to respond and answered all of my questions. I was very appreciative of the fact that Rebecca took time out of her day to contact me back. (Believe it or not, most people won’t.) Through Rebecca’s messages, I felt that Rebecca was putting my concerns first. This is important to me because it shows to me Lash Dolls MKE cares about their clients and wants them to feel confident all around - not just with lashes!

I spent most of my time upstairs in the lashing studio. There are currently two gorgeous lashing studios at Lash Dolls MKE with two lashing chairs in each room. (I believe they are working on a third room too!) A pleasant surprise was how comfortable the beds were in the lashing studio. When lashes are being done, the client is typically laying down for a good period of time. It was so nice to lay down and get situated so easily; I was so comfortable, I even took a nap! To make my experience even better, the lash technician played some music to set the lash mood. The music that was playing was so relaxing but ironically still pretty upbeat and exciting at the same time.

My appointment was scheduled with Lash Dolls, Lash Technician Ryley. It was such a pleasure to have Rylee do my lashes! Before my lashes were even done, she took the time to ask me what I wanted. I was really happy she did this and it assured me that I was going to get what I truly would like. (Key Tip: Whenever you are getting a service done, it is important that the technician or stylist is interested in what you want! This is important because when a lash tech or stylist asks questions to get to know what you like, it is more than likely they will leave their opinions out of the service and only do what makes you feel good about yourself. Rylee did just this!) I told her I normally wear fake lashes, but I wasn’t looking for something too bold. Typically, I wear fake lashes that look like demi-whispies. When I explained what I wanted, Rylee knew exactly what to do. I ended up getting a hybrid full set, but with more of a whispie affect.

With never having my lashes done before, it was definitely a weird process. I have always seen others get their lashes done, but have never experienced it firsthand. Ryley started the session by taping my under eyes and cleaning off the lashes. It is important to come to the appointment with absolutely no makeup on at all. This is to make sure the lashes stick to your natural lashes and do not fall off. We chatted for the first few minutes, but because the process is somewhat lengthy, Ryley recommended I take a “lash nap” because I would not be moving for a long time! I was so glad she recommended this.

Photographed by Katie Soyka

Once my lashes were done, I was so happy with the finished project. They were so full and so bold. It was the perfect length with just the right touch of a whispie affect. I felt so beautiful! I instantly gained an exceedingly amount of confidence. My insecurities about my lashes were gone. Not only did I notice how good they looked, but they were so weightless! It did not feel like I was wearing lashes at all.

Something to take note of: Once the technician is done, it DOES NOT mean your lashes are completely dry! A main reason for this is so the lash tech can fix any lashes that may look out of place or may be irritating your eyes. From my personal experience and for the best lash look, allow a good amount of time for your lashes to completely dry before touching them!

Photographed by Katie Soyka

I had such an amazing experience with Lash Dolls MKE! Everyone was so friendly and very welcoming. I loved everything about my appointment and plan to be back soon! Be sure to check Lash Dolls MKE out at for services, classes, and more information! If you are interested in getting a full set of lashes done, when scheduling your appointment or while at the salon, mention my name to receive $50 off your entire purchase! … Who knows, I might just see you there!

Stay stylish,

Jen Stack

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